So im trying to put a hot rails in my squier. I took out my old pup and put in the hot rails just as it told me. I put the black wire on position one on the selector. Soldered and taped the red and white together. Then put the green and bare on the volume pot. After this, no signal would come from any pickup.

So after doing several different wiring combinations i found that if i put the green or the bare wire on position 6, i could get the bridge pup and the middle/bridge combo to work. ( i accidentally removed the black wire from the neck pup on the selector and didnt know of it went in position 3 or 4 but ive tried it in both spots). Can anyone tell me where i messed this up?
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I would assume you either have 4 wires or 5 wires.. look for the pickup manufacture wiring; to know which are the: hot, ground, start/ end of first coil and start/ end of second coil.. the pickup manufacturer should have diagram how to wire the pickups.

since your not coil-split the hotrail.. just entwine the end of first coil to start of second coil (tape together)..
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I fixed it last night actually. It turns out that the neck pickup should have been soldered to position 4&5 instead of only 3 or 4 so then i could just solder the hot rails 'normally'
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