I've been trying to do an e minor sweep on my charvel desolation (the les paul looking one) and my hand always seems to be trapped. Here's the pattern...


My hand always gets stuck on the A string area in the cut out of my charvel. How should I go about changing my technique?
I'm seriously confused as to why your hand would be getting caught in the cutaway. Can you post a video or something? There's no reason as to why you shouldn't be able to do this.
vayne92 Les Paul style guitars don't generally have particularly good upper fret access, which is only made worse by the fact that OP is trying to fret the 19th fret on the lower strings.  It's still doable, it's just very difficult.

Getchapull318 that is what you mean, right?  Your hand is colliding with the body of the guitar?  Probably the lower part of it hitting the back of your hand?
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Oh right i misunderstood. If he meant the neck joint then i can understand
Yes this is what I meant. I've seen people like Josh Middleton of Sylosis be able to sweep just fine on a les paul and I've always been confused how he does it.