Hello guys, i have an 114ce - it has never been modified. However, it's action is too high, the guitar neck is totally straight, the problem is the guitar's saddle and nut  (at the 12nd fret, the string over 5mm higher the fret).

So what i am considering is what happen if i grind down the saddle? has any one done this before and how was the result? and whether it impacts the guitar sound?

Thank you all!!!
First off, the neck should have a very slight forward bow, not dead straight, and this will make the action even higher than it is now.

5mm on the bass side is about twice what I set mine - about 2.5 mm and 1.6 mm treble side - so you would have to take 5 mm off the saddle to get it to the action height I use. I doubt that you have enough saddle left to be able to do that. The good news is that, since it is a Taylor, the neck can be taken off and shimmed to get it to the correct angle. This sets the approximate action height, and it is then fine-tuned by altering the saddle. I would take it into a repairer who knows about Taylor neck joints.

Lowering the saddle can have some impact on sound, but I've never noticed a difference to worry about. IMO having saddle that is too high (due to an over-set neck) causes worse tonal problems than one that is a bit low.
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ChanvodiboThere's a balance to be struck between where you would like the action to be, and how much saddle you have left to get it there.

If worse comes to worse, you're going to need to buy a new saddle and neck shims from Taylor. Still, we need measurements to properly assess the guitar.

Read this guide before you do anything, rash or otherwise: http://thbecker.net/guitar_playing/guitars_and_setup/setup_page_01.html