My GT-6 doesn’t seem to be operating correctly. Here’s what happens:
1. I customize a patch and write it.
2. I press the CTL pedal and customize it.
3. Whether or not I write the patch at that point, the effects on the non-CTL patch change!
4. If I turn off the CTL and customize my patch again, then the effects move to the CTL pedal again.

Basically, it’s like the patch wants to keep certain effects on. If I clear then from the CTL pedal, they move to the non-CTL patch. If I clear them from the non-CTL patch, they move back to the CTL pedal… 

I swear I was just customizing it a few weeks ago and it wasn’t doing this. I’ve read the manual again, and don’t see anything else I can try. I try to switch the parameter to “P10: Manual” each time, just in case. (It always appears as “P00: User” when I go back to it).

I am writing to a “U” user patch. Here is a video that kind of demonstrates what I’m talking about: https://vid.me/4h8o (I didn't write the patch in this video, but it does the same thing if I write after each change).

Anyone know what’s going on here?
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Quote by diabolical
Try doing a full factory flash to reset, and recalibrate. Look it up in the manual...might fix it.

Ok, I was trying to avoid that. Figured I'd post here asking in case it was another issue and I could avoid having to recreate my custom patches. But if it's a bug and not user error, I'll do the factory reset.
Yeah, with this strange behaviour I won't be suprised if your GT is toast. See if you can find some kind of patch librarian to back up your settings if you want to keep them and if the reset and calibration doesn't do it, you'd have to look for another unit.