Hi everyone.
I've saved some cash and I'm kinda look to get back in guitar playin'.
Does anyone know some solid state amps, small and light with lower wattage? Music is: jazz/blues/country.
My first choices are DV Mark Little Jazz and Yamaha THR 10 C.
Both look pretty amazing. So: small vintage sound solid state amps. Anyone?
DeanTeaser I tried the THR10C recently, would recommend. It is kind of limited on the effects side of things so you may want to have external delays and verbs if you use those. Also it is very low gain, not sure how well it takes external drive pedals. The obvious focus was to nail the vintage type tones and it seems to do so pretty well.

diabolical Tech 21's TM sound samples sound pretty dope. The TM60's new prices are kind of steep (discontinued?) but the used prices are very attractive. 
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Quilter 101 is a nice deal. Not a modeling amp, though, so pedals required.
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Everything mentioned would work for you. Fender Super Champ comes to mind also.
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