So, my Taylor acoustic is currently equipped with Elixir strings - 0.12-0.57, as it has been for years ever since I bought it (about 7 years ago). I never bothered to change the string gauges, but recently, I have been playing this guitar a lot and the strings feel so damned heavy to my fingers. My electrics are all equipped with 0.10 or 0.11, but the step up to the 0.12's on my acoustic feels insane - way tougher that the differnece between 0.10 and 0.11.

I want to try out a step down to at least 0.11, but maybe even 0.10 on the acoustic as well, but it has never been set up since I bought it. Can I just try to put new (lighter) strings on the guitar, or would I need to have it looked at by a professional (I've had bad experience trying to set up an acoustic by myself)? What string gauge do you recommend? I do like the full and rich tone of the 0.12's, especially on open chords, but some stuff is barely possible to play for me on this one.

Thanks for your replies!
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Just try it and see, but it would be a good idea to have set up done anyway. I use mostly 13s on acoustics, but if you want a lighter gauge, I would try 11s if that is what you are using on electrics.

Just out if interest, what style are you playing? Fingerpicking or flatpicking, cowboy chords or barres, melodic style, strumming or bluegrass flatpicking? The reason I ask is because light gauge strings have been used by players for very melodic styles, like gypsy jazz, whereas cowboy chord flatpickers and fingerpickers have traditionally used heavier gauges. I'm prejudiced against the idea of just treating an acoustic like a hollow electric - the strings IMO should suit the acoustic style to get the best out of the instrument.