Ok, so I'm playing "Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly. It's an easy song, just three chords, but the problem is that it's nothing but downstrokes the whole time. It's not the speed that I have a problem with, it's that I can't even get through the whole song before my right hand and wrist hurts. Any tips? Also, please don't give me the "just play up-and-down strokes". I know I could, but that's not how Buddy played it.
Quote by Buddy_Holly_1957I know I could, but that's not how Buddy played it.

Irrelevant, you can play it any way you like.

But you just need to build up stamina. Practice the song every day, maybe a bit slower at first, and you'll build strength in your hands. This is just a matter of patience, unless there's something fundamentally wrong with your technique.
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