Opened my kh602 i bought used for the first time today to find this

Wondering whats the purpose of these 2 batteries and why ive never had to replace them? It looks like they both go to battery compartment for the active pickups where there is coinsedently 2 inputs for batteries which i have never seen before.

Anyone have any ideas on what these batteries are for?
The batteries power the preamp that's built into the active EMG's.


Somebody has added an extra battery clip so the EMG's run on 18V instead of the typical 9V. The pickups run perfectly fine off 18V. It reduces the extreme amount of compression that typical active EMG's have, so it's a very popular mod and extremely simple to do. It's literally a matter of wiring an extra 9V battery clip to the existing 9V clip in series. Nothing to it.

The reason you haven't needed to replace the batteries is because the current draw from active pickups is so tiny that the batteries can last for a very long time.
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