Today I set up my jackson RRTMG with some thicker gauge strings to play drop tunings. I put some .11-..54s on it. After putting them on I set up the intonation and looked everything over, however I am having an issue with fret buzz on the low E string. When playing the string open I do not get any buzz. The string buzzes when I fret it anywhere along the neck and strum it. What can i do to eliminate this buzz? Or do I need to just play extremely light to prevent it from buzzing? This buzzing is on drop C tuning. 
mdelpaz3 i don't know what kind of bridge you have but i would raise the action on the lower end and see if it changes anything. if not, you may need the neck slightly adjusted. in fact, if you went from lower gauge to higher gauge, go get it adjusted to meet the demands of the tension from the higher gauge strings. 
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