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So, as par for the course, GAS can only be contained for so long. I'm planning to finally act on some of my gear plans for this year soon (2016 was a big splurge year, so I had to take a break from buying things for awhile ). One of those plans was to finally end the drought of single-coil loaded guitars in my collection, and pick up (another) strat!

A used MIM Fender is the easiest choice to hunt down, of course. But I'm curious about some of the other options out there that can be had in the $250-400/500 range? (The endless array of copy options, and certain Squiers that can take some effort to find). 

I actually used to own 2 different strats at one point - One was a cheaper Squier that a previous owner started (but didn't finish) a scalloping job on the fretboard, and the other was an H/S/H MIJ Squier from the early 90's. Ended up selling both, since the scalloped one was basically a project I didn't want to sink time/money into, and the MIJ one had a cheap feeling neck/fretboard (despite the great reputation of Japanese-built guitars) - maybe I got a dud?

So, maybe I just haven't found the cheap gems yet? Hoping to end up w/an S/S/S config, a synchronized trem, and maple fretboard/alder body.

Thanks in advance!
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FlightofIcarus IMO i would recommend saving and buying a good used fender american standard.  
IMO its worth the extra cost.
make sure you play it before you buy it.
they are not all equal.
Besides Fender or G&L?

The Godin Session is HSS. Their Proression-discontinued- is SSS. Both worth checking out.
Dean Zelinsky Private Label's Tagliare starts in the under $500 range.
Used Carvin Bolts can be found in that price range.
Fret-King makes several Strat clones, mostly HSS or P90/SS.
The Fernandes Retrorocket has a few different configurations. The DG is loaded with David Gilmour EMGs. (Don't get an X- they're entry level cheapies.)
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