I've surmised that the chords are something around D, A, Bm and F#m. Are these correct or am i playing it wrong? Also are they using a capo?

Bonus points to someone who can tab out the guitar picking and flute around the beginning and the verse of the song!

Thank you and have a great day ahead!

song below:
Here is tab for the whole of the first part. So the chords are Dadd4, A/C#, Bm7, F#m, Gsus2, Dadd4, Gmaj7/B, Aadd9.
The only chord I had a problem with was the Gsus2, with the difficulty of having the A and G close to each other ringing at the same time. I thought if you tune the high E string down to D, then you can play that chord with a voicing of 3x52x0 which is much easier, though you can do it in standard tuning using your thumb to fret the bass note.

Thank you so much. This is brilliant! I can finally perform this for a concert next month. Thanks again!