Hello I play alt metal bands like our last night - saosin - paramore - crown the empire etc and was wondering what unit would you use for a 4 cable method for just fx thanks and cheers
There are probably better and cheaper options if you're just looking to use the FX on the units. Seems like a big waste to buy a Helix etc... and pay the premium for modelling and all that stuff, only to not use it and just use a small portion of what the unit can do. I mean, you could probably get a Line 6 M9 or M13 for less than half of what a Helix goes for.

So what's your budget, what genres do you play, what exactly do you need the unit to do, where are you located and are you willing to buy new or used?
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Well I am full time in 1 band right now and I am looking for a unit with overdrives and pretty much every effect like whammy chorus delay reverb and so on and also I was thinking that this unit can serve af a backup amp in case of something going wrong
What amp/cab are you using now?
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If you need drives too, then yes Helix. Although I am one to suggest physical boxes for drive and preamp effects, but digital for verb and delay is fine. Although methinks at the Helix's price point, its drive tones will be fine. However if you get the helix you will probably end up selling your EVH amp.