I've recently came across an old banged up podhd 400 multi effect pedal, and I accidentally reversed the polarity while using a second hand power supply, does anyone know how to repair that kind of problem, I presume a thing like that would have some kind of major damage prevention?
What kind of problem? Reversing the polarity is a cause, not a symptom. Tell us what's wrong with it, if anything.

A decent protection circuit will prevent any damage so often all you have to do is plug it in correctly. 
Roc8995 the power supply has a changeable head and after a couple of uses I accidentally switched it the wrong way around, now the pedal doesn't turn on or do anything whatsoever, it is a digital pedal if that helps
Roc8995 yeah it did work perfectly well but after I switched the head around it just instantly stopped and it's. it turning on again
Probably cooked it with the wrong polarity.  Open it up and take a look around.  If there is a bunch of charred black stuff and it smells bad it is probably done.
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