Hi there!
The question is, Why to write and play an instrumental song in Eb when  your guitar is in E? There are many and good reasons to write a song in  Eb, but what I do if I play a song in Eb is to use a guitar in Eb. This  is the first thing I suggested to my teacher when he told me my next  work was to write a song in Eb. But he just smiled.
So I asked, why? And the answer was because he wanted me out of my  comfort zone, from the more worn out 12th fret. And it actually worked!  At the beginning it was difficult, quick reactions due to practice guide  you to the most commonly used frets. I think at the end the exercise  got a good result, so I decided to record it. It would take time now to  play it in E!!
I hope you like it! 

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