Okay, so I started playing guitar at about 13 and I was a total metal head. I moved more into hardcore/metalcore as my teenage years progressed. Playing in bands that were really influenced by Emmure, Symphony in Peril, etc. however, just recently, over the past ehh...I'd say year and a half I was opened to an entirely different style of playing. More transparent, ambient, all about the tone type stuff. Seeing a world that didn't revolve around distortion, gravity blasts, and more distortion was almost overwhelming, but I picked up the style pretty easily. I began changing my pedalboard, guitars, shit man, my whole rig changed. I went from Krank tube amps and my Marshall solid state stack (which disappointed the hell out of me, I must say) and moved to a Vox AC15VR (which got stolen) and now I'm using a Vox VT20+. I traded most of my distortion for a EHX SoulFood OD pedal, TC Electronic's Mini HOF reverb, TC Electronic's Flashback Mini Delay, and I bought an Ernie Ball VPJR Passive (meaning no need for power supply, right?) Volume Pedal for swells and all that cool shit. Tonight I decided that since I can't afford the Walrus Audio Messner OD I'm just going to get a Joyo Ultimate Overdrive pedal to stack with the Soul Food since, from what I saw, the Joyo is literally a clone of the Fulltone OCD, the Drive just gets a lot heavier. But the more I looked into Verbs and Delays, I started to feel like the Mini HOF and Flashback Mini aren't gonna cut it. Like, the tone from all TC's pedals are phenomenal, but should I sell the minis and just get the real ones? Or should I got for that Boss RV-7 and the Boss DD-20? If so, those pedals are a lot more expensive and I need something to play in the meantime. And I'm not stuck on those Boss pedals I mentioned, just an example. I'm totally open to suggestions of all sorts. I just want to be able to have a set up that can be as transparent as sitting on top of a mountain to heavy and loud by stacking the right pedals together and having them in the correct order. Also, of this helps you generate an idea of what you could suggest to me, I'm looking for a sound between the clean/heavy transitions in Deftones type stuff to fast paced, overdriven, energetic shit like that of Taking Back Sunday, WVNDER, Silverstein, and Anberlin, but can then go to being super transparent like some Bethel worship, City & Colour, Seafret, and the Slip. So imagine all of those bands coming together to form a child. I wanna be that child. Feel free to ask me anything else that comes to your mind. I'm totally open to suggestion and I need to figure this out ASAP.

First of all, not for the sake of being difficult but because I genuinely am having quite a hard time reading your post, I imagine I'm not the only one who would appreciate it if you could split it up into some smaller paragraphs. That said:
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I bought an Ernie Ball VPJR Passive (meaning no need for power supply, right?)
This is correct.

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But the more I looked into Verbs and Delays, I started to feel like the Mini HOF and Flashback Mini aren't gonna cut it. Like, the tone from all TC's pedals are phenomenal, but should I sell the minis and just get the real ones?
Have you used TonePrint? They should get you a pretty wide variety of sounds out of those pedals. That said, the full-sized versions should get you easier access to what they have to offer. A lot of people who do ambient type stuff like to have multiple delay or reverb pedals in their signal chain too, so make of that what you will.

I don't really know about the Boss options, but besides the above, have you thought about analogue delays? For the most part they won't get you as many options as digital, but they tend to darken and break up a bit as they decay, which gives them their own vibe that tends to sit underneath what you're playing a bit more.
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Have you considered you might be using the wrong guitar and amp?
Or, to put it differently,

What's you rig?
What's your budget?

Also, supplying more precise samples of what you're aiming for would be helpful. I mean Deftones cover a lot of ground, for instance- an example of the song you think exemplifies the tone you seek would be quite useful.
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You seem to be very interested in exploring the world of tone, and you seem to have a similar approach to me.
I have never heard of any of those bands, but I can tell you what YOU need.
Pedals are generally very expensive for what they are. Some companies make good pedals with loads of options, and little tone suck for pretty cheap, such as Boss, Joyo, MXR, some EHX, and so on.
I have a feeling that you probably like to have a lot of knobs. Look into Bugera's amp heads, they have had some flack for issues in the past but it seems that they have gotten their shit together. Revv Generators are also quite flexible but they are way more expensive.
A Seymour Duncan Palladium would do you wonders as far as tone-shaping your distortion goes, maybe an EQ would be good for cleans, and a couple different compressors as well.
But you probably don't want to spend a shit ton of money on a shit ton of gear, you probably don't want to work too many extra hours at work to put that kind of money together. That is why I think you need a good PC guitar rig setup and buy yourself a copy of Bias by Positive Grid. The tone quality is amazing and so are the options. Having that many options in front of you is really helpful for creating a ton of cool unique tones, and I say that as someone who has Podfarm to work with. I still get good tones with Podfarm, I can't imagine what you could get with bias.
If you want to go the real ambient route, it's going to be important for you to have multiple delays stacked in your chain, definitely for worship. That said, I have the full flashback pedal and the 3 presets are essential for me at this point. For example, I've got short delay/short fbck for subtle delay, short delay/max fdbk for swells, and long delay/long fdbk for noisier delay. With all these programmed plus ability to use the tap tempo for each, I can use multiple delay sounds in the same song which is a lifesaver on top of the general convenience. 

It'd be hard to say whether you should go with a second delay or the full flashback or similar pedal, it's kinda a money issue and whether or not you're going to want those lush ethereal sounds that the multiple delay setup will give you.

As for the reverb, from my experience it's easier for me to have a constant reverb setting throughout a song or album without needing to tweak it much mid-song, so if you can get some good sounds out the mini HOF with tweaking then I'd keep it; a hall setting is probably what you'd wanna use anyways.

And for the joyo, those pedals have pretty a great sound for the price you pay due to them just being clones most of the time, you just gotta worry about getting a dud or having it break down on you. I thought it was worth the risk and have two biyang pedals that are still doing well for me. However, (granted I haven't used a soul food) if you already have an Overdrive pedal it'd be worth it to look at a distortion (rats are cheap and sound nice) or a fuzz (muff, etc.) for some tonal diversity but that also depends on what you're looking for and whether or not you use your amp's distortion.

Edit: also highly recommend watching this series:
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