Any Ibanez GIO guitar is not very good. But for how cheap they are, you can't expect all that much.

If this one of the GIO's with a Floyd, totally avoid it. You get what you pay for with Floyds and the cheap ones you find in GIO's are typical cheap crap.
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Well, I'm not exactly rich and I am a beginner so I'm just wondering whether it is good for its price.

It isn't terrible for the price, but you need to lose the Floyd Rose bridge. If you want a Floyd that isn't way more trouble than it's worth, then you'll need to expand your budget. Can't have it both ways.

Stick with something that has a fixed bridge since it's going to be way less frustrating to set the guitar up properly, stay in tune, and to experiment with multiple tunings.

What is your budget? Are you willing to go used?
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If you really want a superstrat, have a look at the Jackson DKMGT Made in Japan. They tend to go for that amount used and they'll absolutely demolish anything you can buy new at the same price.

If you still want to go new and still want an Ibanez, the next best alternative would be the Ibanez RG421.
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I know, right? I'm a giver.

As T00DEEPBLUE notes, " Any Ibanez GIO guitar is not very good."
I've never owned one, and I have no plans to. I don't know what's available to you where you live, but most of the guitars I've purchased in that price range have been used and were more expensive when they were new. That's probably the best way to find maximum value given your budget.
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i've seen people spend $300 - $350  bucks on a new guitar as a beginner, get frustrated because they can't play the songs they want to learn within a month or so, rage quit, and then get mad because they can't find anyone to buy the instrument off them. spend wisely. 

I started with an Ibanez Gio (no floyd rose or tremolo system) when I was 15. I got what I paid for but I could play shit with it and the guitar served it's purpose. It wasn't constantly going out of tune and it functioned well as a beginners instrument. 

After I realized I love playing guitar, I bought a PRS SE with some money I saved up a year later. Gio went in the trash. Still love playing guitar and haven't looked back since. 
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$350 USD will get you a nice used MIJ Jackson, LTD, Schecter or a better model of Ibanez don't be afraid to buy used. Personally I'd avoid a GIO all of the ones I have seen were turds.
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