If my memory serves me, I've listened to a lot of your music through time. Overall, I think this is your best tune in quite some time, if not for all time. You seem more focused on main melodies and better timing. Some of the playing is pretty impressive. I hope you take it as a compliment: it sounds more mature (I'm probably one of the older geezers that frequents this forum). Good job! Please review my music at this link:

It's not my preferred style at all, but I'll do my best!

The playing is impressive. It's obvious you know your fretboard well. I also like the guitar tones.
That being said I don't actually like the lead guitar, it's impressive but the entire song feels like a string of guitar solo's. I just feel like there needs to be something else there to break it up.

The rhythms rock though, and they rock hard. If that's programmed with a drum machine, then seriously good work. And again, the rhythm guitars are well executed.

I think what is missing is just dynamics.

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Like it right away. It starts a very cool beat with some nice riffing! It's a cool vibe and the drums actually sound pretty solid. The soloing is quite tasteful, some nice clean leads. It's a foot tapping track, the drums help for that, spaced out very well with the cymbals-a-crashing. The change ups at around 2 minutes where cool but like weorge said it was a bit much on the lead after a while since it was sooo much soloing at once. Still it's good playing and it does really rock. Very good playing and melodies here. The bass maybe could pop a bit more though, I didn't even hear it for most of the track.