I've got this Jackson RR3 (propably) and it has floyd rose. I've bought it used with new strings on it (Dunlop heavy core 1150) so after month i have decided to change them to a lighter gauge (Ernie Ball's regular slinky). But after watching a lot of videos how to change strings on floyd rose etc. I decided to do it. I've unlocked locking nut, than loosen string on tuning nuts and than unscrewed the saddle lock and than carefully removed the string.Than i've got my new string and i've fit the strings into saddle lock, locked it  and carefully put the string in the tuning peg and tune it up a little bit so that the string wont come out. Than i've done this to all strings from Low E to high E (E, A, D, G, B, E (from left to right))Than i've decided to tune strings and here comes the problem: Everytime i did this trying to tune any string it just snaps out from the saddle lock.So please could anyone help me out ? (sorry for bad English ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Here are some images (if needed more or detailed of certain thing i can send more) 
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You're probably just not tightening down the saddles enough.

You also need to make sure that the string is inserted all the way into the saddle. And that there's no debris in the saddle blocks that'll prevent them from clamping onto the strings properly.
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I've had this problem before as well (interestingly enough it went away after changing strings), but tighten that little block until its squeezing the string in the saddle, but dont overtighten, else you may strip it.
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Agreed try to tighten the saddle block a bit more and chsnging string gage be prepared to adjust the tremolo spring tension as well.

I have an RR3 and have no issues with the tremolo.
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Thanks all! And sorry dumb question: How can i tighten saddle blocks ? or you mean saddle locks ? Because i tightened them as much as i could but it was still snapping out.
Okay guys another problem: When im tuning my E A B and E when i turn the tuning peg too much so that i'll tighten them too much the string will just loose as f**k.What is happening ? And the E high and low is still snapping out and i tightened it as much as i could but not too much.
You had thicker strings on before. The strings are waaay too tight now for the new string gauge which is why you're having problems. Open up the cover in the back. If there is more than three springs installed take some out and only leave 3 springs on or might work with even just two if you're running 9-42's. Next there are two screws holding the spring three thingy to the guitar body towards the neck. Loosen them a bit to give the springs less tension. Now tune the guitar up. If the Floyd is not level you will have to either tighten or loosen the two screws until the Floyd and keep retunning until the Floyd is level with the body. If that's not enough you might have to remove and/or add springs. Next time you change strings stick with the same tuning and string gauge so you won't have to do this the second time around. I recently switched my guitar from D tuning with 10-52s to E with 9-46s. It took about 20 minutes.

Floyds are great. They stay in tune like crazy but changing gauge or tuning is a pain. Get different guitars for different tunings instead.

Edit: wait I got it backwards, the strings should be too loose. Maybe you're doing something crazy like tuning the guitar one octave up.
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I don't mind changing tuning it's easy i understand how to do it. But i just cannot change strings too much of a pain. 
Did you cut off all the windings on the strings or just the ball?
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Jesus I just looked at your pics. Wtf is going on? Why is the low e string off the peg? Take the locking parts of the nut conpletely. Remove all the strings. Now loosen the saddle locking part. Loosen is a lot so the locking block is completely loose and you can just slide the string in. A solid cm or so of the string should go in. Now lock the saddle. Are you using an alan key? You need to lock it tight with an Alan key. Tightening by hand will not be enough. Now on the other side insert the string into the peg. Leave enough slack to be able to get a few turns on the peg. Guide the string on the nut and pull it until you get the string semi tight now move on to th next string. Don't try to tune the guitar until ALL the strings are on and don't put the lock nut on till all the strings are 95% tuned.

You have the JT580LP Floyd. The LP stands for low profile and these floyds have the saddle locks on top instead of at the bottom like regular floyds. Look up on YouTube how to restring a low profile floyd Rose as that is what you have.
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Also all the strings should be wound in the same direction in the tuners. Your strings seem to be wound one way on some tuners and the other way on other tuners, and are completely off the tuners on some strings. That means you will be turning clockwise on some strings to tune up and counterclockwise on other tuners. This has nothing to do with floyds. This is how you tune any guitar without a Floyd too. Even than It looks like you have barely any string on the tuners. You should have two-three turns at least on the low E and more on the thinner strings otherwise the string will slip off the tuners. Just cause you have a locking nut on your guitar doesn't mean you should completely rely on it.
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Thanks risingforce love you.
Just ordered pack of new strings and gonna put 'em on like you wrote.
Thanks for the help guys i'll let you know than if it worked.  
And do you guys think that it's good idead to change straight to .9-.46 strings ? If so which brand would you recommend to me.
You should also put the back cover you have taken off under the tremolo to stop your strings being put under pressure whilst changing them.And do one string at a time.
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And do you guys think that it's good idead to change straight to .9-.46 strings ? If so which brand would you recommend to me.

Those are custom lights.  That's the Gauge I use on my Jackson's with floyds in standard tuning.  I prefer the GHS Boomers cause IMHO they give me the best tone (they are a bit bright, which I like).  The only bad part is that they go dead kind of fast if you play a lot so I have to replace them fairly regularly (I notice the tone getting worse after about 2 weeks if I play a lot).

Yes, go straight to the gauge you want.  Will save you the headache from switching again later.  The only problem is that your neck might need to be adjusted if you drastically change gauge.  Since you're going down gauges you might get some fret buzz if the neck doesn't have enough bow for the lower tension.