I'm new here so first off..... Howdy from the great state of Texas!!!!

I'm finally retired and am taking the time to finally learn to play the git fiddle. I started building stringed instruments a few years back with the intent to learn how to play between builds. Well the instruments became popular with the family children and subsequently I spent a lot more time building than learning tp play. I have a bunch of home made instruments from dulcimers, mandolins, ukuleles, and such. Then I graduated to electric and began building lap steel guitars. My best so far is  made of cherry and has actual telecaster components. I call it a Fenderesque Tele Lapster. I currently have a  bunch of electric guitars two Fender MIM Strats, Epi LP, Squire Strat & Tele, Washburn BT2,  two lap steels (One tuned to C6th and the other Open D), A Fender clone P bass a J bass, and a nice Ibanez Talman PJ bass with active onboard EQ.

My amps range a bit starting with a Johnson 10w, Marshall 15w, Fender Mustang 20w, three Fender Rumbles (15w, 25w, & 100w. I play mostly on the Rumble 25 & 100 due to the excellent tones of the speakers (15 inch on the 100) My pedals include all of the Danelectro FAB Series, A Zoom multi function, Anon mini (10 minute) Looper, and a Snark inline tuner.

With all that said I only know a few chords and a poorly executed version of House of the rising sun. I also have some music theory but that's from band classes way back when Viet Nam was winding down and I was in Jr High School...... Many many moons ago.....

If anyone has any ideas that might point me in the right direction to get this ball rolling.... I'm all ears.

Nice to have met ya'll
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I may have worded it badly but I collected & built a lot of instruments over the years. The oldest in my collection is an early Washburn Maverick that I purchased new when I wore a younger man's clothes. It has actual Gibson pickups and Grover tuners from an early SG and 300k pots with oil in paper caps. In string instruments my collection is 21 pieces strong (electric is 12). Then with the electric piano, drums, and what have you I pretty much could outfit a small stage band. But with all that said. My playing is limited to just the basics. I think I have collected enough fair to medium quality equipment to learn on without the worries of ever going without if one of them dumps on me for whatever reason. This is just my rationel.... I am now taking Bass and electric guitar lessons in a music theropy program at the VA.