Hey all. There didn't seem to be a doom/gothic metal thread, so I guess that is now fixed. This kinda fits everything doom for now that isn't funeral doom and sludge, which seems a good arrangement to me.

I'd like to share some of my favorite melodic death-doom/gothic bands with good use of clean vocals, recommendations would be good, good new bands being quite hard to find (and poor ones not so hard to find):

Late Novembers Doom
Early Katatonia
Woods of Ypres
Fragile Hollow
Rain Paint
Room With A View (Black Thorns Lodge) - "First Year Departure" album
Swallow the Sun
Forest Of Shadows

Not so much keen on stuff like the newer Draconian, and Daylight Dies for some reason, I guess I like more overt melody rather than the wall-of-sound approach. Any suggestions then?

Here's a bit of an odd-ball MDB I only heard recently, video fits nicely, what'ya think?:

Oh, this kinda stuff is only my favorite, I dig all sorts of other doom, so I'd like to listen to whatever if anyone wants to share their favorite bands.
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