Anyone able to comment on the SGJ?

This pawn shop I frequent has had a tonne of nice guitars come in lately.

One of them is an SGJ and some Les Paul from The Gibson Guitar Company.

Anyway, there is this MIM tele there too with HH configuration I've had my eye on.

The SGJ is about $100 cheaper and looks very bare bones.

I've watched a few YT vids on it but otherwise I have no experience with it.

How does it compare to a G400?

Like podcasts? Listen to these!

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My very *personal* feeling is that the "J" in SGJ stands for "Junque."
I'm sure that will offend some SGJ owner, but the truth of the matter is that this series of guitars was designed by Gibson to be the very cheapest thing they could put the logo "GIBSON" on for that year.