A Long Time

You took a long time to say nothing of consequence
Playing with your ring, the one that keeps you honest
Eyes darting to the ground, conflicting with your innocence
Reading this barren room, I keep my distance

If you can't mean what you say
What the hell does it matter anyway?
Words are all that I have
But there's nothing left to grab

The hourglass bleeds sand, and there's no tourniquet
I'd turn it upside down, but there's no sense in it -
To try to start again, to renew a conduit
I'd rather talk to smoke; the cigarette curls pirouette

I walk down to the bar, that Temple of Bacchus
Bartender gives a nod and a double of Chivas
It helps to drown my thoughts - an illusion of solace
The jukebox stirs to life - "Blue Christmas" by Elvis

When everyone knows your name, your laundry is public
Discard all the friends you want; you still have to suffer it

By the time I get back, the lights are all shuttered
The scotch had long kicked in, my heart aflutter
You locked the bedroom door; your snoring stutters
So I pass out on the couch - it's better than the gutter
I am a fake mountain.
Nice. I really liked the imagery in the line " The hourglass bleeds sand, and there's no tourniquet".
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