Hello guys.

Today I got gifted a set of imported nylon strings for my classical guitar, I was thinking of changing them soon and someone just gifted me these strings.

So, the strings are "Ernesto Palla Clear & Silver Nylon Classical Strings", manufactured by Ernie Ball.

The description in the official page:

"Ernesto Palla concert quality classical guitar strings are made of a  solid nylon filament Silver fourth, fifth, and sixth wound strings are  made of silver plated copper wrapped around a nylon floss core providing  a smooth, rich tone. All Ernie Ball strings are precision manufactured  to the highest standards and most exacting specs to assure consistency,  optimum performance, and long life. Gauges First .028, Second .032,  Third .040, Fourth .030, Fifth .036, Sixth .042 Medium tension."

And they are used by Steve Lukather (Toto), Chris Broderick (Megadeth) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol).

Any thing that I should know? Are these good quality strings?
How does this thing Works ??!?!
All Ernie Ball strings are decent/great. They are one of the biggest string makers. They are the guys that make the "slinky" strings.
umm... well they were free so not sure why it's a big deal. try them if you like em great if not then go back to what you were using. thy have a good rep though
If you never replaced your strings then they probably can't be any worse than what you have on now.
If I recall, there are coated nylon strings. I use coated strings on my steel string. They last a long time and don't sound dead like a lot of people say. I'd go out and look for some after this new set gets old.
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Any thing that I should know? Are these good quality strings?

Yes, anything made by Enrie Ball is good quality, same goes with D'addario.  

The main thing you need to know is that nylon  strings take much longer to set in than steel strings.  Your guitar will consistently go out of tune for several hours, sometimes even a day if you don't play a lot.  Once they've set in.,  they'll be fine.

By the way, anything that I should check with tunings? I tend to tune down to Eb or even D in my classical a lot and I want to know if there's any risk with this, the current (original) set that I have now doesn't seems very affected by downtuning (I once tuned the 6th down to A, just for the lulz)
How does this thing Works ??!?!