I am looking to buy a Classical/electric guitar and I am looking for recommendations from the classical guitar players here on the site on makes/models they would recommend. I am currently playing in church choir after years of bar bands so the guitar will need to be electric . I currently own 2 acoustic guitars but I love the sound and warmth of classical music hence the change.

Thanks in advance and as always Stay Creative!!!
How much do you want to spend? 

I almost bought one of the Cordoba Fusion range, IIRC the Orchestra CE, a few years back. They have a neck which is a bit more user-friendly to steel string players than a true classical. I didn't try it plugged in though. Another option would be to buy the guitar of your choice, install a pickup and preamp, or use an outboard preamp. A good system, like the K&K or Baggs Lyric would be about $200.
Tony Done I am looking to spend around $799...would like to already have it electric not wanting to  have to put a kit in it...will keep your suggestion in mind if I find the right guitar. Thank you for the suggestion on the  Cordoba Fusion line checking them out now.
Just a word of warning. Some nylon string guitars are really dull and clunky in those middle price ranges. For example, I tried a Yairi recently at about the same price as the Cordoba, and it was hopeless. Yamaha are a popular choice, and I tried a couple of Katohs that were very good indeed for the price.
I don't play classical acoustic/electric guitars, but I've played in several ensembles with people who did. So, though I know little about playing the electric version of the first acoustic guitar I learned on years ago, I have a reasonably good idea of what they sound like. What I've observed is that like almost any acoustic/electric guitar, the amp or PA it is being played through has a huge impact on the quality of the sound. Even the EQ settings on the guitar and amp/PA have a big impact. The classical acoustic/electrics I've heard that sound closest to a regular classical guitar, only louder, are the ones that have an acoustic microphone inside the body of the guitar. Not that those with a piezo or some other transducer don't sound good, most of them do. But the ones with a mic inside sound the most faithful to pure classical guitar tone. As always, as soon as you talk about pickups of any sort, and any kind of amplification, you're no longer talking about just a guitar, you're talking about a complete guitar system.

The best sounding classical acoustic/electric guitar system I ever heard was an Alvarez guitar through a Fishman Loudbox amp. The fact that the woman who played the guitar was an extremely skilled and experienced player probably also made a major contribution to the overall sound.