So, a long time ago I decided to build a Wolfgang! Mainly because of Matt Bellamy, because he used one back in 1999. It sounded beautiful.

But then I realized that I had other inspirations too. One other big one being Mike Einziger. He used a 90s PRS Custom 24, so I wanted to incorporate some PRS elements in my Wolfgang.

BUT ONE DAY, I went to True Tone in Santa Monica. They had a really nice 60s custom shop Telecaster there, and the neck felt AMAZING. It was hand heaven. I wanted to put some of that Tele neck goodness in my Wolfgang too.

Thus, the Wolstomcaster was born!

It's a fusion between a Peavey Wolfgang, a Telecaster, and a 90s PRS Custom (although that should be fairly obvious at this point).

It's gonna have a Wolfgang shaped body, but it will be mahogany like most PRS guitars. There will also be a PRS HFS pickup in the bridge, an EVH Wolfgang pickup in the neck, a vintage style rosewood Telecaster neck, a genuine Floyd Rose bridge, and a Radiohead sticker (cause why not?).

I've already ordered and cut out the body block. I got it from warmoth.com, and that's where I'll be getting the neck too.

Here are some pictures (the last one is a poorly edited photo showing what the guitar will probably look like in the end):