For the past few weeks I have been deciding on which of these two guitars to get. The Tribute sounds nice with the Classic '57 pickups, but I have heard that they sound too muddy and are overrated. But I also really like the looks of the Custom Pro and are the Probucker 2 and 3 good pickups? I want to mostly play Hard Rock, Classic Overdriven sounding Rock, and some Heavy Metal. 
The Tribute is the better quality guitar. Has much better electronics all round than the LP Custom, and it has a maple cap with a veneer, not just a veneer by itself. Not that it should matter very much at all on an LP Custom of course.

Not quite sure what this internet wizzdumb you're hearing on the internet about the 57's being overrated. The 57's are great pickups. If you have a bogus amp however, it isn't going to matter what kind of pickups you're going to be using.
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I own both. I have two 1960 Tributes and a Pro Custom. The Tribute has better electronics (pots, switches and of course the Gibson 57 pickups) but also the Grover locking tuners. The Custom Pro looks great I agree (I have the Alpine white and it's gorgeous) and plays beautifully also. Can't go wrong with either. 
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I'm running a fairly hot (9.2kohm) '57 on a couple of guitars in the bridge position. Definitely not overrated.
It might be helpful to look at your guitar as part of a total system, not just a standalone thing. The best results usually come from a superior system, where the instrument, including pickups, strings, etc., works well with the amp and other bits of gear. So, test each guitar you are considering with the amp you'll be using, and all the boxes and pedals you'll be using, preferably in a venue with acoustics similar to where you'll be playing. And then, test them by playing the actual songs you'll be playing, accompanied by the other musicians you'll be playing with. 

Do that, and you'll be able to make a wise, well-informed selection.