I have a vypyr 15 combo and I heard the Vypyr 120h and loved it. Problem is that the amp is 10 years old, and I don't think I will find one that will last me very long since my vypyr 15 is showing it's age so to speak. Another problem is that the technology should have gotten way better by now. 
The biggest problem, however, is that the Axe-FX and Kemper are way too expensive, especially if I bought a foot-switch too. I don't need a lot of power since I am probably just going to use it as a pre-amp. I want good options, I am specifically looking for models of a Mesa Mark series amp, some sort of rectifier, some German hi-gain amp, a marshall SLP, some good choruses, cavernous reverbs, and some wahs. The line 6 POD HD500x pedal has all of that, but line 6 is line 6. I can spend around $600 USD new. Any suggestions?
Honesty, the pod hd500x isn't that bad. I think line 6 gets a bad rep from the spider series amps. I've owned the ii and IV and they both sounded kinda shitty, however the sounds in pod hd are way beyond the modeling in the spider. I don't use mine very often but it's great for recording or for use as a backup if your
rig goes down. Its not gonna sound like a boutique amplifier, but since you are after a modeling amp I'm gonna say that wouldn't be an issue. It wouldnt hurt to try it.
randefahey Ok perhaps I might have to look at one at GC. They just piss me off because all their models usually sound the same from podfarm to the pod pedals to amplifi to helix etc, they only seem to add more models rather than upgrade what they already have. The spider series is shit, I think most of sane guitarists can agree on that. I don't hate their other gear though, they just don't seem very inventive at this point. I have a flextone cab, podfarm, a UX2, and my brother has a 75 watt spider III or IV and I love it all besides that shit spider.
I actually might look more into the Helix though, because I heard they re-did all the models in it, I just haven't heard anything that sounded too different yet. Have you heard the Helix yet?
I haven't played the helix, but I've heard some videos that sounded great. The biggest shortcoming of the pod hd is probably the cabs. All of the presets that come with the pod kind of suck, but great tones are possible with a little bit of work.
If you want something that is a little more plug and play you could try the Firehawk. It has the same models as the helix. I had one for a short while but to be honest I did not like the Bluetooth connectivity. I returned mine for the pod.
The Helix is awesome, I have one. I have owned three different Mark amps, and three different Rectifiers. The Helix does a good job with those models. Can't speak to the other sounds you need, but the Helix doesn't do anything bad really, just some are better than others.

Also consider the Atomic Amplifire.
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For $600 your not going to get even the Helix LT, but the 500HD isn't bad. Just expect a learning curve. There really not plug and play for the most part. I cut my teeth on an XTLive so when I got the POD HD it was an easy transition and so much better I couldn't believe it. I mean everything was better and not just a little bit. Love the way this thing sounds with my Valve Jr and VHT (el84 for certain models and 6v6 for others). Take the time to learn how these things work and they're great. Don't base any of it on presets they aren't good and I don't use any of them.
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Quote by VanhalenVai
The line 6 POD HD500x pedal has all of that, but line 6 is line 6.

And Line 6 is pretty damned good. I've been using the HD500X for quite a while (just picked up a Helix) and before that the Pod XT. Still have the HD500. You'll probably want to find a good used one, but I have a stinky feeling that Line 6 will be replacing the HD500X with something else soon -- the prices on new have been dropping $100 and more in what LOOKs to me to be an inventory reduction sale.

At one point I added a Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B. to upgrade the cabinet sims (it runs IRs) and to add tube power amp sims. The combination runs about the same as a new Helix LT ("Light").

There are a number of comparisons between the Helix and the Helix LT out there. The biggest differences aren't in the sounds available but in secondary items. LOTS more connectivity on that Helix back panel (four FX loops, two additional expression pedal inputs, etc.). Construction is far stronger on the Helix (cast pieces rather than folded metal as on the LT) and those scribble strips DO make a difference. I need most of that stuff, but you may not (or you may not know that you do).
@randefahey and @scott58 I think I confused the Helix with the Firehawk. The Firehawk doesn't look bad except I don't think it has windows support. The line 6 cab modeling always sucked, that's why I just use wall of sound for the cabs.
dementiacaptain I heard the atomic amp in a rig rundown with Michael Sweet and it sounds completely real to me, I just figured it would be more expensive. The Ola Englund review is really good. I just wish there were more effect options.
Has anybody ever used the amplifi gear? I remember all the hype for it but it all went dead. I never heard an uproar over it either, so I'm just wondering since that gear is cheap as shit right now.
VanhalenVaiI'm pretty sure that the amplifi stuff was just a stripped down version of the Firehawk, and the latter was a stripped version of the helix.
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Line 6 amplifi not Atomic Amplifire

Can vouch for the Amplifire though if thats something people want.
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I have an Amplifire not the amplifi yeah. OP was asking about the Line 6 one though I think.
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I think I've decided, I'll probably actually go for the Vox Tonelab SE. I know it's older than dirt, but Jari Maenpaa from Wintersun used it on their new album, and the videos sound awesome! 
Also, the other videos of the thing sound really good.
I may just throw some money into a digitech RP500 just to get more effects, but that can wait.
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If you can find a Johnson Millenium amp that isn't wrecked and at a decent price, I'd suggest at least looking into them