Hey, so im about to join a top notch music academy here in spain next year but i need to upgrade my guitar arsenal (I have a Samick Avion, a 230-250€ guitar)
so i can actually be at the level of gear my classmates will have (since we have to play together). The thing is, im actually more interested in my current band. We play a lot of garage and punk rock (Pixies, Dinosaur.JR, Foo Fighters...) and im the lead guitar. So im looking for something with a dirty, powerfull sound (Not metal or classic rock sound, more like sonic youth) that will last me a good amount of years for a price between 400-500€

I know that the saying goes "its not the guitar, but the musician" but still, i would love an upgrade  

PS- I've been reccomended the  Danelectro DE 59 DC since its a really good guitar pricewise

Hope you can help me

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5watt tube head w/ 1x12. then crank the hell outta it. try to blow the speaker
no guitar is necessarily "classic rock" or "metal" just the people playing them.  the J Masis Squier Jazzmaster may be a good guitar to check out. you should also think about what types of guitars you are comfortable playing. that Danelectro doesn't seem any better than what you have. 
monwobobbo I actually checked that one out, if only Jay had a better taste in asthetic... still, i was thinking that a jazzmaster might me a good option, and ive always wanted to try out single coils.
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What do you currently have for an amp because that is going to affect your tone way more than your guitar.
guitarsngear I get that, but we ussually practice at a place where they lend us the equipment (depending on the day we use an amp or another) or we use the amps they have at gigs since ours arent potent enough. So thats why im only interested in upgrading the guitar.

With that said, i have a Fender Mustang I , but when i get lazy i practice with a small Kustom Dart 10
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