Hey Guys, 

I'm after a bit a pickup advice for my les paul traditional. I currently play modern metal in drop b tuning. For years ive used EMG's and they do the job, but this weekend i tried a PRS mark Holcomb with the SD Alpha omega pickups and i loved the way they made my amp come to life. 

I will likely be buying the Holcomb in time so im not after and Alpha Omega set for my Les Paul.

Im debating between getting a Duncan Distortion set or a BKP juggernaut set, costs a side what are your thoughts on these?
I've never tried any BKP pickups, but regarding the SD Distortion, have you considered either the Nazgul or Black Winter set?  Those two are Seymour Duncan's newer offerings that are both based on the Distortion, but tweaked in different ways.  I have a Black Winter set in one guitar and a Nazgul (it's bridge-only) in another guitar.  Speaking of just the bridge models, both are fire-breathers -- but in different ways.  The BW bridge is a little fuller in the bottom end where the Nazgul is tighter and "grindier" in that region.  The BW is very grindy in the upper mids but still gets a massive "thump" on palm mutes.  The Nazgul is a little more nasal in the mids but I haven't found that to be a bad thing.  Finally, the BW neck pickup sounds amazing for everything -- including cleans.  Here's part of a song I've been working on in which I blended the Nazgul and the BW (Nazgul panned left, BW panned right).  The first little bit of lead playing is the Nazgul and the second is the Black Winter bridge.  They have a similar tone, for sure, but tastefully different in person.  This is in C# Standard tuning, but I've done Drop B with both pickups and they're awesome for that stuff too.  Anyway, here's the sample:  https://soundcloud.com/kailm-1/spiritual-warfare-master-3-mixtest-5-27-17
I wouldn't put juggernauts in the Paul. Painkillers or aftermath or sd nazgul sentiments.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Have you tried running your EMGs at 18V?  That really opens them up a bit.  

If you want to stay with active pickups so you don't have rewire take a look/listen at the EMG 57/66 and see if they will work for you.  
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