I want to feel the wind in my hair one last time,
wave my hand in the currents,
recite all the words to all the songs I know.
I want you there by my side
to share the experience,
share the journey,
racing the sun for the horizon
one last time.

I want to tell you all the things I never could,
kiss the breath from your mouth
and touch you in a way I never had the courage to do.
We’d drive forever and a day,
running from nothing,
chasing everything,
all the dreams we had
that we never asked the universe for.

How I wish you were here allaying my fears.
Instead, you’re somewhere just out of reach,
beyond the limits of my eyes,
dancing to a song stuck in your heart.
I must drive without you,
listening to every song but yours,
as that mantra keeps playing in my ears.

Nothing like the open road.
Nothing like the open road.
Nothing like the open road.
This is strong. Your purpose is clear, and you're mostly adept at conveying emotion. There's nothing really saccharine here. Cheers.
I am a fake mountain.