Hey guys,

As part of my Master's degree in UX, I'm conducting a research with the ultimate goal of helping musicians collaborate. This is already the second phase of my research where I'm hoping to find a correlation between my existing findings and the personality of musicians. 

If you are  a musician between 18-50 and have 10-15 minutes free time, and would like to have a chance to win one of three £10 Amazon vouchers in a raffle I would really appreciate it if you guys could take this survey!


did you not have to take a statistics course to get your bachelors? this is really unreliable for data collection. i'll still fill it out, but you really need to select a specific geographic demographic for this to be even remotely reliable. plus there's obviously bias if people aren't obligated to fill this out. go out to clubs and do legwork. this kind of stuff requires a certain amount of professionalism and effort.

e: looking through the actual survey, dude, this isn't good. please talk to one of your mentors or someone in the sciences/psychology/maths/statistics fields so they can help you configure data collection. it's all over the place, overdrawn, vague, and it's really clear that you didn't put much effort into this at all. you're not doing a sophomore level elective class here, you're working on a master's degree.
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