I wrote this one a while ago, and I recorded it for my new EP.

It's about the rather difficult question of how much freedom we're willing to give up in the name of security, and it's about as political as I get.

Looking for genuine feedback, and of course I'll do the same.

Thanks for your feedback Weorge. I really like this song it just doesn't have enough notes per second though..... jk . I really do like the song though, the violin is nice but I feel like it is playing to much throughout the song. It would be nice if it would come in put a little color help set the mood of the song then leave and then pop in again later on.  Your vocals are really nice and soothing. And you have a certain control about them that doesn't make me tense and worried that you might make a mistake with your next line, they're a little loud in the mix though. 
The song has a nice build up and a good current message throughout. Not to sure what the message is about. What I took from it, was that it was about Europe's political virtue signaling by letting in hordes of violent radical ideologist through that cause havoc and fear in their streets as Europeans throughout become regressive apologists for terrorism as they spit on their ancestors before them who have sacrificed for their freedoms and privileges in the here and now. But maybe that is me projecting a message on to your song if so gj that's the power of folk.
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Thank you for the review! Now your song: I'm not sure how much sarcasm is in the lyrics, though the NSA can listen to my phone conversations all they want. And I don't care if they know where I am at at all times (just as long as they're not clocking how fast I'm driving; ha ha ha). Better that then having someone set off an atomic or dirty bomb (or even conventional weapons) in a city that North Korea, Al Queda, or ISIS doesn't approve of. There was a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California not long ago about an hours drive from me by some radical Islamists. It's a dilemma. Anyway, I think most of your singing is very good. Maybe a few notes are a little flat. I like the violin, it sounds real to me. Nice & timely song. Well done. Have a peaceful day (don't watch too much TV news).
Thank you for checking out my song man.

I like this kind of acoustic songs. I don't think that I can criticise anything because everything is awesome.
I think you gotta switch to YouTube this way you will reach more people. I even really like your artwork so I I have nothing left to criticise

I also lsitened to  your other song Breath On Skin and it seems to me that sometimes you singing  through your nose not allowing the sound to kind of flow forward if it makes sense
Dat violin entry! 

You took the topic at a good perspective, and though it was a placed a bit odd in the mix space wise the violin is a fantastic touch. Your vocals have an interesting character, I found your delivery in the verse odd but it worked. Again the lyrics are strong and there is a good build, fills 5 minutes rather well. Your higher range was cool, whenever you busted into that it was good. I didn't even notice it was like 3/3 at first, then I was like...oh hey that's cool. Good stuff overall, solid performances and composition throughout. 

Fourfourforever Thanks for the feedback You make a good point about the violin, I know it's a bit much but I literally just hired a violinist for the afternoon and asked them to improvise, then spliced together the best bits. I think next time I'll be a lot more specific about what I want from them! As for the message, it's not really a statement it's more of a question: how much freedom are we willing to give up for security? I'm hoping the listener will make their own mind up on that. Thanks again!
aaron aardvark Cheers man, I do realise there are a few duff notes. Well picked up! I think it's partly the violin creating an awkward dissonance. The guy who mixed it tried to use autotune to correct it (without telling me, he knows how much I hate autotune) and it just made things worse! Looking forward to your next one
EY8CC Glad you liked it! I used to be on youtube, it used to be great for small artists but now not so much. I'm thinking I'll get more active on it soon though. Breath on skin is a pretty hard song to sing (for me), I re-listened to it and I hear what you mean! I've been getting a lot better over the last couple of years, but I guess there's always room to improve