So, currently i am studying thrash-metal and practice the techniques for this genre:gallops, tremolo picking and etc. 

I am getting solid in gallops, but i can't break my speed barer of down picking. My current result: 157-160 BPM, which isn't enough for Creeping Death. I think the problem is that i can't barely relax my wrist.
I mostly practice standing, my strap is almost on the same level, as i am sitting(which is pretty high,like Tom Morello style). I don't put it lower, because it is getting hard for me to reach/play legato runs on 4-6 string of 12 and higher fret, while i am soloing.

My question are: 
1)How to increase my picking speed?
2)Is their any method to get my arms relaxed, so i can play faster?
3)Should i drop my strap lower,even if it will take a lot time to get used to it, in order to make my right hand less bended and less tensed?

If you have any videos of proper warm up massages/exercises, post the link in the comments.
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my biggest problem with downpicking was that i didn't fully realize how deliberately you have to flick your wrist back up to get in position for the next downpick. it should feel like you're whipping your hand back immediately after you feel the pick move through the string.
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