Hi guys!  

So I usually play metal but decided to compose a song on acoustic guitar.
I also don't have real experience in recording acoustic so I would appreciate feedback.
I don't even know what music genre this song is but I had classical music in mind when composing this and I also didn't want to structure the song, I wanted just to  play and see where music takes me.

This is a cheap Harley Benton guitar that I bought used for 25 Euros. It has fret buzz that I can't get rid of but I think for 25 Euros it is still a very nice guitar.

Hope it is not so bad  

 subs and likes are appreciated 
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I was worried when you said that you usually play metal, but I actually liked this. I think you should try more compositions like this, some good acts to check out would be kaki king and andy mckee.

The acoustic tone was nice, suited this style. Strangely I got a sort of medieval vibe from it, something about the brightness of the strings.

The quiet section between the two strummed sections, at about 2.00 - 2.30 could do with re-addressing, it was not as strong as the earlier segments.

Aside from that I think you're good to go!

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Hey nice track, the leads sound good as well as the light layering. I'd go as far to say that it could use a few more guitar tracks in both channels at times. Those slides bugged me a little, ha ha that's never a sound I like but what can you do with acoustics eh. There's a good change in the middle, and the main sort of lead melody is good. Solid build then another cool down, I agree above that bit was weaker and didn't quite tie the two sections together very well. Still it's an overall solid composition and good for a first acoustic track! The end was cool.