Have any of you guys seen a guitar with a black, preferably transparent, primary color with a white burst? The other way around is pretty common, but I can't seem to find this specific combination anywhere. I'm considering getting a custom finish. It seems like a cool idea, but I've never actually seen a finish like this to see if it's a bad idea.

Do you guys think it's a good idea? Have you seen it done before?
This guy tried some mock-ups for a Tele, including something like you described:
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Never seen it, but always a fan of trying new ideas.  If need someone to do it and do it right, I recommend this guy:  www.wilkinsguitars.com.  He's not afraid to try new stuff and he'll do it exactly how you want it in nitro or poly.  It won't be cheap, but you'll have a hard time finding a better value anywhere.

you mean like that?
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you mean like that?

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gregs1020 Yeah, like that. I tried it on the Halo custom guitar builder is where I got the idea. In that picture, it looks disgusting...