I can dig out my ...And Justice tab book tomorrow and take a look, but one thing I noticed :
You have some notes which are tied across bars which you need to delete, probably left over there from when you moved them from one string to another. And bar 19 has an odd rhythmic display.
It does sound like it could be more accurate though, with the extra 7p5 5 parts.
NSpen1 I noticed that myself after I finished editing it in TuxGuitar and opened it in Guitar Pro 6. The note ties are practically hidden in Tux Guitar lol
Ah, you've edited it, yes we shouldn't really be referring to the tab book. Although they messed the timing up in some of it.
I can tell you a couple of things to try, 1/2 bend only on the higher guitar in bar 7. And only quarter notes in bars 11 and 15.