I make one man band music.

I record with a Rock Band mic. 

I don't know how to sing. 

I just have fun and whatever happens happens. This is my best song yet, it's a thing. I'd really like to know what peeps think and I will critique what you ask in return! 

The ending of track is kind of boring, so focus more on the song part then the overly long guitar outro.
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thanks for listening to my song. Im glad the humor is apparent! I listened to few of your songs on this album. I like your musical sensibilities. Your voice fits your clever lyrics and quirky musicianship. very indie feeling. I could listen to this stuff all day. I liked the ending of this song, It was gentle exit. Im going to follow u. You kind of remind me of a lo-if Modest Mouse. Nice work.

P.S. I liked "fairly odd pancreas" too.
Oh wow, thank you for much for listening to more and commenting! I just like to have fun and make everything sound like...me. Nice to see someone enjoyed it! I will listen to more-a-your tracks to! 
I like the vocals they're well mixed and you sound good, the lyrics are delivered well and with an interesting vocal melody. The drums could be a tad louder in the mix otherwise they sound good. What happens at 2:15 and beyond is pretty awesome but there are a few clipping issues from 3:40- 4:00. The guitar tone is really good and the playing is too. Every song needs a solo or 5 though.....jk, but anywhere from 2:15 till the end could of had one though and that would of been cool. Give me the audio file and ill put one in for you . Anyway good song and keep on creating.
Thanks for the comment! Maybe so, I like loud drums but I focus the most on my guitar parts and I still have a lot to learn about mixing, sometimes the drums (which since I use one mic are just mono) overpower everything if they're too loud. My Rock Band mic doesn't like clean trembly guitars! The single note stuff is fine but once I play loud chords it clips, an annoying issue I have with 12-string songs... 

Ha ha, I am a big fan of solos but I thought the noise and single guitar track where enough to express the scene or character sketch of this song. I don't play solos on a lot of my tracks because I don't feel many of them require one. But I do love a well played lead. You might want to see the second half of "Time For Tims" to see what I can do. It's not much...I'm a simple player really. 
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Hey man!
Thanks for commeting to my song.

I normaly don't listen to this kind of music but I think you ve go smth there but I didn't like two things.

I have a feeling to most of the time you are almost talking and not singing
I also think that vocals in the track are too loud comparing to the mix.

Other than that!
Everything is good  
Thanks for listening, yes I know what you mean. I'm really no singer, nor vocal melody composer...a lot of my songs are like that ha ha, working on it. Mixing as well, first I was embarrassed of my voice and I hid the vocals, now I'm like...how do I do this...I make songs fast so I slowly learn these these. 
Thanks for commenting!

Very nice guitar sound and playing. Vocals are not bad but sometimes it sounds like you're trying to sing below your range. Maybe try a higher key? Drums sound a bit thin and I felt the outro was too long, but overall I think it sounds good!
Thanks for the feedback man, glad you liked it

You recorded this on a single rock band mic?! You've done a very good job with it.
I like the song, it's charming in it's simplistic plodding nature. Interesting lyrics too. 
You already mentioned the singing, it's not a 'singing' voice but I don't think that really matters too much with this kind of music. It's oddly suitable.
I agree that the ending is too long, I like the idea of it though. The guitar and backing sound effects could certainly be developed further. Listen to Syd Matters 'Obstacles' to hear a great example of this.

Keep playing!
Thanks for the comments you two. 

Ya my singing is always a weak point, on goofy rock songs I work better because if anything I have a vocal character to get by on, but on these songs it's harder. I don't know how to correctly sing yet, I've only been doing it for real for 2 years. 

I've been using this Rock Band mic for various things for almost 8 years ha ha. It's so bad on drums but it's all I can do. Ya the end was giving me trouble so once I did a take without mistake I just left it. I would like to re-do it maybe but this was a one time thing I feel. I can't recapture this vibe.