I've been playing guitar for about 8 years now but I'm an on and off player. I have a lot of free time now and I wanted to delicate it to playing guitar again. I've had my eyes on the Fender Telecaster Thinline Elite Series. I'm not all too knowledgeable when it comes to spec's so this is where I need help. I was looking into the limited edition Telly but it's lacking some features that the Regular Elite offers (For example the neck shape that goes from a modern C to D/ Locking tuners). Can anyone give a recommendation on whether I should go for the Limited Edition Elite or the regular Elite?

Here's the link for both guitars


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Most of the "limited edition" runs are very nearly the same as the standard but with minor tweaks like the color or pickups. The mahogany one looks like the specs are just listed differently, under the neck wood it lists "compound neck shape" which to me suggests it might have that same C to D taper. Beyond that, the specs are things that an afternoon at a guitar shop would fix - take a couple of hours to figure out your preference on a few easy A/B tests:

Satin vs gloss neck finish
Pickups: neck humbucker - probably the largest difference between the models
Non-locking tuners - not a major difference, perhaps a little upgrade to have locking (the one you won't be able to test at a shop)

If you're thinking about dropping 2K on a guitar and can't figure out these differences, I might gently suggest spending a little more time playing and researching before you decide. These are pretty basic specs changes, and should be easy to figure out with just a little bit of effort. I'm sure you're excited for a new instrument but there's really no hurry, and this is a lot of money to just ask for someone else to tell you which one to get. 
Roc8995 Thanks for being realistic Roc8995 haha, I'll definitely look into more about specs on guitar's before jumping the gun and buying it. Do you have any recommendations for forums or tutorials for noobs when it comes to understanding specs? 
I really think an hour or two at a guitar shop is all you'll need. The difference between satin and gloss neck finish or neck humbucker vs. single coil on a tele are ones that you'll understand almost instantly when you try them, but are nearly pointless to try to explain in text - plus, these aren't like computer or car specs where one is obviously faster or more durable or whatever. There's no tutorial for preference! Seriously, just go play a bunch of stuff and let yourself develop  tastes. At some point there's no substitute for experience. 
Roc's right: you need to do a bit more research, if for no other reason than to figure out some of the ergonomic/feel concerns.  I shopped for my first electric for more than a year.  As much as I wanted to buy some of the Fender Strats I saw, I found I didn't much care for the original models.  For me, certain evolutions of that design by other guitar builders- and by Leo Fender himself in his post-Fender companies- felt better in my hands.

So remember, if you're not hung up on the name on the headstock, there are many guitar makers offering Teleclones of comparable quality for comparable prices.
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i've played some deluxe stratocasters and I liked them. haven't tried the ones you are considering. that being said, I do recommend fender, but try those guitars somewhere first. 
Either will be a very nice guitar, I would say it basically just comes down to whether you want a humbucker in the neck position, which isn't a question any of us can answer for you.
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