How can I make sweep picking sound smoother?

So far I've sort of figured out how to sweep pick (somewhat)
but they don't sound smooth. My sweeping attempt still sort of sound like each note is being picked individually (even though I'm sweeping straight downwards). When I try to mimick how the YT guitarists make sweeping seem more fluid by sweeping with a bit more force, it sounds even more like its being picked individually.

Is there a trick to sweeping that I don't know about?
Any help is appreciated
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It's hard to give any constructive feedback for something like this without you posting a video of yourself playing. All I can really say with what you've given is that if you've only just started sweep picking then you're going to sound like shit for a while.
What seems to be working for me is to slow everything right down to the individual note level (60bpm quarter notes) and spend a long time practising quality over speed. After that, speeding up is easy, and I keep surprising myself about the licks I can pull off.
Parac If you are sweeping in time with your picking hand, then I suspect you are prematurely taking your finger off the fret you've just picked with the sweep, which will give a staccato effect.  Try holding the finger down until you hit the next string, and by then you should be muting (with your picking hand) the string you've just left.