when tabbing a song upon request, what goes into the field if the song is Charlston (insert a question mark... my keyboard turns  French after my computer stays on too long)
NSpen1 yes. the Roaring 20s... The Great Gatsby... speak easy... flappers.... the Charleston.... 

I just contributed a tab of  Broadway Melody by Ben Selvin. I was in a hurry at the end and could have sworn that there was no Charleston in the'genre'  field.  

by the way, thanks for the response
Yeah, it's probably a bit specialised to have its own genre, you'd have to pick something as near as you could find.
No problem
btw how scary to think we'll soon be in the 20s again, a hundred years on?
like every other periods in history, they all had pros and cons. The 1920s was just post industrial revolution... cars were still new... air travel, radio, gramophones, etc.... and your right, NSpent... with the computer, cell phones and internet, we truly are in a 2nd industrial revolution. 

Everything Al Jolson was Charleston.