Hey man, good track, you can play, the leads is where is this shines, my fav part is that legato at 1:18 or so, that playing style reminds me of Mark Tremonti, except it's a lot more metal and dissonant, hell the whole track is metal as fuck. The part at 1:35 where the drums stop for a moment sounds cool too.

The mix here is what I would improve, with simple things that would make a big difference, the rythm guitars are kind of quiet, I'm not 100% sure but they don't sound double tracked, also some parts sound out of tune, if you have a guitar that has trouble with staying in tune, tune your guitar before every take. Also another "problem" I see here is that the drums sound like the loudest intrument in the tracks, but they sound good especially the snare so I have no complaints about how they sound.

So to sum it up to get a better sound fast; check the tuning often, double track the guitars, experiment a bit until you find a good bass sound to pair them with, then level the volumes with the drums included, I recommend you to switch between mono & stereo while doing this, big volume changes in mono, subtle volume changes in stereo, because you will hear everything more clearly. Also be extremely paranoid about timing when recording instuments, do as many takes as you need until it sounds like you want it to sound.

I hope this was useful and like I said very good job on the lead guitars!
Thanks Vstratto very useful tips. The guitars are double tracked yes. It's funny you mention my legato playing reminds you of Mark Tremonti, he was my exposure to that type of playing and I learned legato style from watching him play.
Nice and heavy sound. I really like the rhythm guitar. The lead guitar doesn't​ do much for me personally but then again I don't usually listen to this kind of music. It sounds kind of random to me so maybe you could try to make it sound more deliberate. You are obviously a good guitar player so I have no complaints about that