I've just had my SSS American Deluxe Strat converted to a HSS and removed the bridge N3 single coil and replaced it with a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb which sounds great.

When used with my Boss GT-100 the Strat input setting had to be calibrated quite high (+4) because the N3's aren't very hot. Now that I have the Nailbomb in the bridge I've recalibrated it to -4 because the Nailbomb is so hot but this doesn't help the middle and neck N3's which are used to being calibrated higher (+4).

I've been advised that Bare Knuckle Sinners might be a good replacement for the middle and neck N3's but this is quite an expensive mod and I've already shelled out for the Nailbomb. Is this a good move despite the cost or are there other options?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Did you email BKP? IME, most winders are all too happy to help you match pickups.
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Single coils to compliment a bridge Nailbomb humbucker

"You're a very nice looking humbucker"
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"Is that cover naturally aged?"
"My, what pretty poles you have."
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