perhaps i'm missing something but I don't see an obvious problem from the photo.
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Most of the time the answer is no, the pickups should not be as high as the neck.  If the pickups are as high as the top of the neck then the strings would hit the pickups when you use the upper frets.  We can't really know how good the necks positioning is without seeing strings on the guitar so see how everything lines up.
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CorduroyEW Alright, Im actually taking it somewhere tomorrow and they told me not to string it because if they need to align it they'd have to take the strings off. like i said I'm new to all this. thank you!
jessvibemind Yeah, if you are taking it to a shop for a setup then they will probably have to put new strings on anyway.
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With bolt-on necks, there will be a gap between the body and neck.
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