So a few weeks or so ago I received my Kisel AM8. It's a rad guitar, and it's the first of many things, my first 'nice' guitar, first one with 24 frets, first guitar with more than 8 strings. You  get the idea, first thing that isn't a cheap Epi Les Paul basically. It plays great, feels great, looks great. The only issue is that it doesn't sounds great at the moment. Compared to my older guitar it just sounds weak, it lacks any bite. Trying to play any tight, generic palm muted djent crap is possibly the least satisfying thing ever, or palm muted metal of any sort really. It lacks any of that really satisfying bite like my other guitar. Since this is my first 8 string, I can't tell if this is normal for 8 strings, if something is wrong with my guitar, or if the Kiesel Lithium pickups just suck. If anyone has any ideas, or even fixes, that'd be awesome and greatly appreciated. 

TLDR: My guitar sounds weak, help me.

Oh, one thing I should mention is that I'm now having some issues with the guitar not really putting out signal at all. It sounds like maybe some crappy soldering work or something. Fingers crossed that this was the issue the whole time, and that it's just getting worse now, but I'm not counting on it really. So I'd still very much appreciate answers.
I can try to provide sound clips, but with the situation I just described, I don't know how how accurate a representation of the sound I've been getting that would be.

Potentially relevant info: the guitar is a Kiesel AM8 with the stock Kiesel Lithium pickups still in it. The other guitar that I mention is an Epihpone Les paul Standard with a stock neck pickup, and a DiMarzio X2N in the bridge. My amp is a Peavey 6505+ combo with pretty much stock everything.

Sorry about the long winded post, and thanks in advance.
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Probably contact them and check the wiring as son on as possible. You don't want to be stuck with a lemon after the return period ends
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
The longer scale in the low end could also contribute to it. Longer scales are typically brighter sounding. Which is why if you put a fender scale neck on a les Paul, it won't sound like an LP regardless of everything else being the same.

But if it's getting worse, probably electronics.
If the sound changed and your Epi works fine with the same cable then I'd also look into the electronics.  Contact Keisel before you try to repair it yourself.  
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Sorry about taking so long to reply.
So that definitely confirms that it's electronics. A couple of you mentioned contacting Kiesel, is that really necessary? If I can, I'd prefer to just take it to a local shop quickly, but I'll call them if you guys think it's important. It does have a piezo in it, and I have no idea if that's extra difficult to work on.