Hi, I'm trying to change strings on a Warlock Platinum Series that I just got but the tremolo bridge keeps rising to such high levels I'm afraid it'll snap off if I try tune more. I have put the strings in from the backside of the guitar like the previous strings were put in, and I see that you can also put them in through the backside of the tremolo on the front side of the guitar but that will only make the matter worse I figure. I've tried googling this but to no avail. I'm using a .012-.052 set of strings. The tremolo looks like this (loose strings):

You need to take the back cover off and tighten the claw screws that attach to the springs to rebalance the bridge.  I'm guessing that the stock strings were 9's or 10's so you need to counter the extra tension of the 12's.  
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Yup remember any time you change string gage on a floater you will need to adjust the spring tension to compensate, it's a balancing act.

Also I like the green do you have a picture of the whole guitar?
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Also actually found this Warlock Owners Manual PDF now, can maybe be of help to some other idiot like me who's never had a guitar with such a bridge. I'm attaching it to this post if all goes well...
Owners manual.pdf