Hey everyone! 
   I am planning to move (hopefully in a short period of time) to Germany to pursue a career/further training as a doctor, the location is still not finalized but I will probably be at the state of Bayern, at least initially.

While I'm there, I was also hoping I'd get into the music scene as well and start a musical thing besides work. 
My question is where in Germany would I have the best shot at putting a band together, getting into the music scene, which cities/states in Germany have the best music scenes? apart from Berlin of course, slim chance getting a job over there

also, would love to get to know anyone from Germany, I don't have many contacts there, if anyone wants to get in touch here's my Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/ali.mahmoud.980 

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Any decent sized city in almost any country in the world will have a music scene. The important thing is what kind of music you play. If the music you play is not popular, then you will not get gigs. But generally major cities have at least some demand for pretty much any kind of music. It's just a matter of finding the right place and meeting the right people. It also depends on your expectations. Do you expect to just play bars and clubs for a couple hundred euros for a 4 hour gig once a week playing covers of well known songs or do you expect to get signed to some big record label or whatever? Your goals affect the likelihood of achieving your desired outcome.
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theogonia777 I'm quite diverse, I played old school rock, hard rock and thrash metal and I'm cool with playing any of them or experimenting. as far as expectations go, I suppose getting a foot in is what I'd be looking to do at first, so I don't mind doing cover gigs for starters, I already know a good bunch of songs and played a couple of shows here
I'm asking because as far as I know, musical directions differ depending on which city you're at, some cities are more rock oriented, others have more of an electronic music predilection, etc. 
Germany has a big metal scene, I'm sure there's underground shows every night in the bigger cities, and lots of big bands tour their.
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Similar to what has been said already, I'd start checking out some of the bigger cities. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich. I'm not entirely sure, but Hamburg's music scene should be pretty good.
I'm pretty sure Germany's the second biggest European music factory outside of the UK. It would be difficult to not run into the musically interested over there.

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My question is where in Germany would I have the best shot at putting a band together,

You could have a reasonably good chance almost anywhere, but as a newbie to the area, you'd have the same issues that newbies to any area have. You would have a good chance of putting a band together, but you'd have a better chance of being picked by someone else, someone local, who wants you to join the band he is putting together. You'd also have a better chance of finding a gig in an existing band that needs a new or replacement member. I think that situation is true regardless of where you move to. 
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Germany has a big metal scene, I'm sure there's underground shows every night in the bigger cities, and lots of big bands tour their.

Tour their what? Tour their WHAT!?
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gerdner I don't mind that scenario either, it's the lack of contacts or a small music scene with no available musicians like the one we have here hat worries me, is there some sort of platform, internet or otherwise that I can use to get in touch with musicians in every city?