Hi fellow humans!

I thought I would share some of my ideas and songs with you today. 
I play some kind of metal which could fall under the nu-metal genre according to some people. I`m not sure about that but lets roll with it. It`s pretty different.

Some songs are just ideas and they lack bass, can be pretty sloppy and just weird. But I like them. 

The songs in the playlist "Morana songs and new music" are songs that I have put more effort into. Recorded with a real amp and stuff.
The drums used are MIDI drums unfortunately and we/I don`t have a singer yet.

Leave a comment or a like if you think it is interesting and please, do tell me what you think about the music. I mostly create stuff that I`d like to listen to myself and if other people like it it would make me very happy.

Here it is!
Dissonance is underrated.
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