Right away one comment I have is the chorus didn't quite pay off. There's the build to it, and I see you tried to be different then the straight forward chug with that pattern but I feel the vocals should've went higher for that part to separate it from the verse. That's the biggest criticism I have to say. These kind of songs do play on expectations though, so naturally you expect the big old BOOM build up. So this plays against those normal expectations, which I suppose isn't a bad thing. 

It sounds like the vocals are a little too touched up I noticed. I feel the composition isn't bad, and you did some different things here and there which worked. The guitars and piano sounded a bit clean, I feel they could use some effects to make them work together nicer. Give it a more...hhhm, organic sound. That's just me though. The drums as well are a bit dry. But my biggest suggestion would be a more emotive vocal to really sell the track. 

Oh boy...now after all that there's my song which is so not clean at all. Ha ha. 
Yeah I agree with Poptart on the build up in the beginning I expected big loud crashing drums to come in and a big loud vocal... o well. Anyway I think you sound good maybe try to express a little more range at times. Turn up the drums in the mix and the rhythm guitar. The piano sounds really nice in the beginning and the outro so nice job. The lead guitar playing is nice and melodic, sounds a little to fuzzy for my taste. But that's all I think it's a good song that with a little bit of work could be something special.

Vocals are very good; though I think I hear some pitch correction taking place. That's OK, I often use it myself, and I'd prefer vocals not to be pitchy. Assuming you own a pitch correction thing, you might try it on the lead guitar, it sounds slightly flat to me. If you added the delay after the recorded lead guitar, it should work OK. I usually don't record delay with lead guitar (it's OK if delay is running as a separate plug-in) for that reason, so I can fix things later if need be. Nice song and recording. Please review my music at this link:

Hi mate,

nice opening. Well produced and slick. The vocals are good. I would try playing with the mix of the different vocal layers a bit in terms of levels and panning as they don't seem to quite sit together. The lead guitar melody was nice but could do with a boost and maybe some delay to thicken it out. I thought the chorus was excellent. I can see what others mean about its impact but it sounds good as is. Again try playing the levels a bit. Sometimes a slight dip just before the point of impact works. These are fairly minor points. I thought it was well composed and put together and can imagine it on the radio. Keep it up!

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