Alright guys and girls. I made the way into floating bridges because I have a soft spot for RGs.I want to put 11-52s on it,but I've seen some people do some damage to thier guitars.Its the edge 3 with the lockdown nut,but the guy I bought it from blocked the tremolo and I don't really need it at least for awhile(until my solos don't suck) So with the trem blocked can I put heavier strings on with no worries and if I unblocked it what would happen? I heard I should put another spring or two in first.Thanks for the help in advance!
If you are increasing the gauge, an added spring is a good idea. I do the same gauge range basically when I'm in drop C, have 5 springs in. You may need to adjust your neck's truss rod though depending on how light your strings are now.
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Shouldn't be a problem, the advice above is solid. Depending on the gauge delta, you may have to screw in the spring screws to level the bridge. Check YouTube, there are many videos on leveling a floating bridge.