Hi. What does everyone think about the 2016 Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Light? I've seen a lot of reviews of older models, but not the 2016 model.

I've got my eyes on a used 2015 Les Paul Traditional (GForce replaced with normal tuners), however this Custom Light guitar is tempting me as i can get it new for only slightly more. The issue is that i live in Dubai, so cannot try before I buy.

In terms of what music I play, I am in an Oasis cover band.

Aesthetically, I love both - custom is perfect (apart from I wish it was chrome instead of gold), but I do like the sort of uniqueness of the ocean blue for the traditional. 

Any advice / thoughts appreciated!

Well things to keep in mind is the Classic Custom Light might look like a traditional Les Paul but its actually quite a bit different compared to something like a regular Les Paul. It's kind of like a blend of a standard and a custom but with other features as well. The CC Light has a thin (like quite thinner) body than a regular Les Paul, different pickups (a 498/490 set like you'd see in an LPC), a rosewood fingerboard like a Standard instead of the Ebony or Richlite they use on the Customs, no back binding like an LPC and instead of getting 4 knobs (2 tone and 2 vol) you get 2 volumes, a master tone and a boost switch. As for neck profiles, the CC light has a pretty slim neck so if you were wanting a thicker neck like what you'd expect from a Traditional then that's also something to consider.
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